Contract law

The law of obligations is a large subarea of civil law. It encompasses contractual obligations (contract law) as well as obligations arising from the law (like unlawful acts).

The law of obligations, and contract law in particular, affects both the private individual and the business in their everyday dealings. Too often, however, they are not aware of this until things go wrong: the customer does not pay; the new home turns out to be a bad buy; the exclusive delivery contract is less exclusive than it seemed, or the collaboration that was started with the best of intentions becomes a complete disaster.

Private individuals and businesses alike need to be very careful when drafting and signing contracts. Any error or omission in a contract may have huge financial consequences.

Of course it is impossible to cover all eventualities beforehand, but a tailor-made contract or a proper check before you sign may save you a great deal of trouble. So please contact us to see what we can do for you.