Tenancy law

Tenancy law regulates the legal position of tenant and landlord.

The tenancy agreement or lease is a special contract, for which our legislator has created a special position in the Civil Code. This implies that specific statutory provisions apply to the tenancy agreement, some of which are imperative and must be applied by the parties concerned.

The law distinguishes various forms of tenancy: residential tenancy, lease of retail space and lease of other business space. Each of these tenancy forms has its own regime of special tenancy law rules.

Because of these different regimes it is actually quite complicated to rent or lease (out) space, whether residential, retail or other. Expertise in this particular area of law is required if you want to draft a lease or tenancy agreement, conduct legal proceedings to terminate the agreement, or deal with matters like protection against eviction, substitution, sublease, defects and maintenance of the leased property.

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